Camp Xcel review; this fitness center will make you restore your youthful luster again

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016


It is very frustrating to sign up for a gym membership and get no results. The issue of losing weight has been a constant thorn in modern lifestyle, thanks to the food and sedentary lifestyle than everyone seems to be living these days. Until you’re a victim of obesity, you will never realize how difficult life can be living as an overweight person. Besides the constant risk you face of developing modern day diseases, your self esteem tends to suffer a lot. All the negative thoughts in your mind start to torment you, thus making you convinced that you are ugly, and therefore unlikable.

Camp Xcel review

If you’ve tried gym membership and all conventional methods of trying to lose weight without any success, perhaps you should try out what Camp Xcel currently offers. This is a revolutionary approach to losing weight. No strange plans or pills to swallow in order to drop those pounds. In fact, Camp Xcel encourages some sort of a collaborative approach towards solving the main problem that takes guys to the gym every day.

Why Camp Xcel is so successful in helping people lose weight in a friendlier way

For a long time, personal training was reserved for the wealthy or those who could afford to pay hundreds of dollars per session. The so-called high-end personal training packages could not take care of the average person’s needs due to budget constraints. Outside this option, people only heard the option of hitting the gym a few times a week. Again, going to the gym didn’t necessarily solve problems of the average person who seriously needed to drop weight.

Lack of motivation and clear guidance is just among the impeding factors preventing the average Joe from seeing results which they badly want. Thankfully, Camp Xcel is changing this style of doing things. The company offers a revolutionized approach of helping people lose weight, stay fit, and build muscle strength.

The following are reasons why you might want to sign up for Xcel boot camp

1. Realize results in a highly personalized environment

Camp Xcel emphasizes the idea of personal training but with a different approach. Instead of having one trainer handling one person per session, they could have experienced trainers handling several individuals at one time.

Rest assured that the customized fitness plans and workout routines administered at Camp Xcel are very powerful and will always bring results to everyone who sticks to them.

2. Be motivated while training with others

This is a boot camp anyway, so you should expect to meet several like-minded individuals along the way. Not only will you work your way to success, but you’ll also make new friends.

3. Train with experienced instructors

Camp Xcel not only boasts of what they can do, but they’ve also worked with many individuals to help them achieve their weight loss goals, thanks to the experienced instructors who have used those strategies on themselves and also on others.

What is more, the success of this fitness center could also be attributed to their well-equipped training facilities where boot camps are held. Camp Xcel currently has brunches in South Gate, CA, Santa Fe Springs, CA and Humble, TX. These fitness facilities reach people at the community level.

There are lots of real life stories of people who have changed their lives because they made that one step to sign up for this amazing fitness program. It might not be easy in the initial stages. However, as you keep going, you will eventually realize that it’s all fun and not boring anymore, thanks to the amazing support that is offered here. In such a collaborative environment, you only expect people to tell their success stories of how they went from fat to slim, strong, healthy, and cute.

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Top Crossfit In Costa Mesa

Posted by on May 14, 2016


Crossfit Costa Mesa is a gym that aims to focus on the community and the clients that choose to visit this gym and has focused a maximum amount of energy on providing a fitness playground for those that want to live a healthier and more active life and improve this life so that they can achieve their goals and be happy and fulfilled. The gym was originally started by two enthusiasts who have a wealth of experience within this industry. The owners of the gym have been running for over six years and have over 16 years of experience within the gym industry. They do have the knowledge and ability to create an exercising platform for the community and for the clients the choose to visit the gym.

The gym has gained in popularity thanks to the personal choice of toys and equipment that can be used in order to exercise and gain a maximum level of fitness. The creators of the gym have a wide range of knowledge in the different exercise tools that are available and have chosen to cherry pick the best ones for this gym. This means that clients will get a professional work out, and will also get to enjoy themselves with this equipment, as it has been chosen due to its functionality and enjoyed ability for those that choose to use it.

The gym also focuses on the mindset of the individual and chooses to use the gym and this is built around the idea of a workout that will allow you to build your strength and recover affectively before you choose to move on to another machine. There are many different routines that have been developed in this gym and this has proved to be incredibly popular for those that use it. From basic equipment through to advanced tools for gym users who have had many years of experience.

Crossfit Costa Mesa is designed to use the best equipment and tools for those that want to live a great life and many people suffer from back pain and other pain within the body. This can lead to a lower quality of life. However, more and more people are realizing that workout regimes can avoid all these issues and can let you enjoy life to the fullest. You can then work hard and play hard and you will feel less stressed and your body will be capable of more. This gym understands this and it is for this reason why it has been voted the number one gym to choose if you wish to get into your best physical shape and enjoy yourself whilst you’re doing it.

If you want to get a free trial and enjoy this gym then get in touch via the number and you will then be able to experience the gym for yourself. If you like the design of the gym then why not invest your time and money and find out why many others are also choosing this as their number one gym to use on a regular basis.

Here is a great crossfit video to show you how it is

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Why rest days are important

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016


The New Year is a great way to celebrate the end of an old year and it is also a moment of coming up with resolutions that will help to change your life. Every individual has dreams they would want to fulfill. There are people who would like to buy a new home, buy a new car, upgrade their education, seek a promotion and the most important of all, lose weight and increase muscle mass for their favorite bike sport or board sport. In order to achieve weight loss and muscle mass increase, one needs to join the fitness center in Brea, CA (Lucky Brea, CA residents!) where you will get to work with experienced trainers that specialize in sports training in order to achieve your goals.

Working out is not an easy thing and you will get to sweat a lot, experience pain in the muscles due to production of lactic acid as well as becoming dehydrated. According to experts, the body is an system that not only needs the exercises for the various limbs and joints but it requires rest and relaxation too.

When you consult gym trainers they will guide you through the many exercise such as cardio, planks, lunges, squats and press-ups among others. The one thing that they will advice you is that you need to take time off and relax once in a while.

Why is relaxing important?

Reduces risk of injury

What many people don’t know is that trainers from the fitness center in Brea usually implement rest days in the training program in order to reduce the risk of injury. This is done not only to citizens who are looking to lose weight but also to athletes who want to improve their performance and endurance.

For example, when you take part in high impact sports like running, the sport usually exerts stress on the joints and lower extremities. This has been found to lead to bone cracking and muscle tightening. When you don’t take rest days to relax, your calf muscles and tendons of the feet will lead to bone spurs, shin splints, muscle tears and tendon shearing among others.

Help with muscle repair

When working out, there are instances where the stress exerted on muscles and various tendons will lead to tears in the muscles. Apart from the muscles and tendons, when working out, strain is placed on the ligaments, bones and joints too.

When muscle tear, the body immune system is activated in order to help with the repairs. Lack of rest and relaxation will prevent the immune system from doing its work of patching everything back up. For example, if you were building muscle mass, you need to take time off during the weekends to allow the body to repair any tears.

Prevent over-training syndrome

Exercising is the best way to achieve your weight loss goals as well as increase muscle mass. Lifting weights, running, cycling, walking, performing lunges, squats and press ups are some of the exercises that one will get to do.

While they are good for your body’s health, without adequate rest, it will lead to over-training syndrome. Over-training syndrome has harmful side effects which include decreased performance, fatigue, altered hormonal state, poor sleeping patterns, decreased immunity, loss of appetite and mood swings.

According to gym instructors it is important to rest and relax after performing strenuous exercises.

Ensures mental edge

According to psychological experts, taking a rest period after training will help to rekindle your passion for exercising and also help in preventing burnout. What many people don’t know is that mental fatigue can be detrimental like physical fatigue therefore when you take a few days to rest and relax, it helps to recharge one’s psyche.

This will enable one to be able to continue exercising and training finally achieving various workout goals.

Here is a great video of what to eat on rest days

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